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    "Elisabeth writes elisabethcutler-bn-600songs that offer intelligent, introspective peeks through a multi-colored musical glass... a capable guitarist and arranger too."
    Guitar Player Magazine

    In a world of flash and dash, Elisabeth Cutler stands out as the rare artist who combines intimacy, honesty and sophistication in her songwriting and performance. Living in Italy and touring Europe extensively over the past 10 years, Elisabeth was born and raised in North America, honing her craft in her hometown of Boston, and later, Nashville. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Diana Krall, and Norah Jones, Cutler forges her own distinctive and dynamic path, blending elements of folk/jazz/blues.

    Critics describe Elisabeth as a dynamic performer and band leader who commands the stage with a rare and engaging honesty. She has graced stages as diverse and prestigious as The Bitter End and CBGB's Gallery of New York, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and the Kerrville Folk Festival.

    "Smart refined acoustic pop... the point of view is all her own. Mature-sounding acoustic instrumentation... experimenting with forms rather than adhering to formulas... powerful."
    Michael McCall - The Nashville Scene

    Polishing Stones (2015 Beste! Unterhaltung), her latest effort, written in the hills outside Rome, Italy, presents eleven new compositions. Recorded and engineered by producer Filippo De Laura (Slow Release 2009) at his home studio in Rome, as well as One E Music studio, Polishing Stones, reflects Elisabeth's sentimental life in Europe; in short, the cadences and crescendos of life and love.

    Cutler’s warm and engaging voice and proficient guitar work stand front and center on these new songs. Collaborating with Latin and Nordic musician friends, Elisabeth finds her pace while lacing emotion and rhythm in tandem with De Laura's sympathetic arrangements and soundscape production that both support Cutler’s natural strength and vulnerability; the  results are stunning. Polishing Stones is both spare and well-defined, touching on themes of patience and comfort in solitude, dispersed by sensuous and ardent declarations of romantic love; she affectionately calls her genre, ‘My World Music’.

    Elisabeth’s spacious guitar-based American sound is well-supported by international musician friends: Mats Hedberg (guitars/Sweden), Massimo Cusato (percussion/drums - Italy), and Ernesto Cossìo (Spanish guitar – Spain).

    In Elisabeth’s words, “I feel that the sound and the arrangements of Polishing Stones reflect my love for the guitar and stringed-instruments, as well as my curiosity about cultures and my interest in the romance of the human spirit. We have attempted to make an interesting dialog between the instruments. This album was recorded in Rome relatively quickly and with a sense of careful spontaneity so the results are close to, and adaptable, to a live concert setting where most disks are sold theses days. I am very pleased and satisfied with the collaboration with producer Filippo De Laura and the three other musicians on Polishing Stones.”


    • Polishing Stones (2015 Beste! Unterhaltung), producer Filippo De Laura
    • Slow Release (2009 Tre Lune Records/EGEA), producer Filippo De Laura
    • Hurricane of Change (2002 Inbetweens Records), producer George Marinelli, Jr.
    • Tower of Silence (2000 Pandora Records), producer George Marinelli, Jr.
    • Bury the Ghost (1996 Rain Records), producer Johnny Pierce
    • Elisabeth Cutler (1993), producer Johnny Pierce

    In 2008, Cutler also had the opportunity to collaborate on a film soundtrack with Filippo De Laura for Warner Brothers' Italian production, Ultimi Della Classe (2008), writing the lyrics for four songs.

    Elisabeth Cutler is the proud endorser of Parker Guitar Company, Fishman Transducers, and D'Addario Strings.

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Album number seven is on the way! Silence is Rising.

Album number seven is on the way! Silence is Rising.

  My lucky number and I'm a lucky girl! This collection of self-penned songs shows the evolution of Elisabeth as an artist, lyricist, and composer; raising the bar to a new energetic level of urban sound, while staying in touch with my acoustic folk roots. I'm happy...

New album, new vibes.

New album, new vibes. I am feeling very fortunate and grateful to be in the process of creating a new album-disk (number 7 – my lucky number!) of original song compositions, to be released in 2019. Again with producer Filippo De Laura by my side, this time we are...

Elisabeth Cutler Songs & Sounds in Germany

Hello Hallo German friends, Here we are in 2018! I have started this new year well with a new collaboration with guitarist, Leander Reininghaus (Berlin). Leander has brought his magic and versatile touch to many musical projects as a versatile soundscape creator,...

Elisabeth Cutler Trio. New lineup 2017!

    I am very happy to announce the formation of my new TRIO with my Italian colleagues Filippo De Laura and Massimo Cusato! We are old friends who have decided to play together again, but this time in my country of origin, the USA. When I moved to Italy in 2003, I...

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