Silence is Rising



Elisabeth Cutler

1. No One’s Woman 4:03
2. The Alchemy of Being Human 4:22
3. Table For One 4:35
4. Untouchable Man 5:38
5. I Had a Dream 4:56
6. Awakening 4:34
7. A Real Human Being 4:15
8. Silence is Rising 4:14
9. Sanctuary 5:02
10.My Wildest Dreams 4:44

  1. No One’s Woman Elisabeth Cutler
  2. Alchemy of Being Human Elisabeth Cutler
  3. Table For One Elisabeth Cutler
  4. Untouchable Man Elisabeth Cutler
  5. I Had a Dream Elisabeth Cutler
  6. Awakening Elisabeth Cutler
  7. A Real Human Being Elisabeth Cutler
  8. Silence is Rising Elisabeth Cutler
  9. Sanctuary Elisabeth Cutler
  10. My Wildest Dreams Elisabeth Cutler
This collection of self-penned songs shows the evolution of Elisabeth as an artist, lyricist, and composer; raising the bar to a new energetic level of urban sound, while staying in touch with her acoustic folk roots. She is pleased to be working again with her favorite producer and collaborator, Filippo De Laura.

“I love these songs, and the sounds on this album. All of the elements came together in a perfect way with the right people, at the right time, over the ocean between New York and Rome, Italy, detour Berlin. Deepest thanks to the creative talent and vision of producer Filippo De Laura, who played his heart out on this album on wonderful and strange stringed instruments and percussion, along with a little help from our friends in Rome, Marco Siniscalco on bass, Andy Bartolucci on drums and Fabiano Lelli on classical guitar; then add to the mix, special guest from Berlin, electric guitarist Leander Reininghaus and final vocal mixes by Ari Takahashi in Rome. If you listen, you will hear, silence is rising.”


Words and music by Elisabeth Cutler

Produced and arranged by Filippo De Laura
Recorded and mixed by Filippo De Laura at Telepe Studio, New York
Drums, acoustic bass and additional guitars recorded at Delta-Top Studio, Rome
Vocals mixed by Ari Takahashi at Studio118, Rome
Mastering by Federico Pelle at Basement Studio, Vicenza
Artwork by Rita Giacalone, BitBazar, Rome
Photos by Ari Takahashi
Social media management by Adriano Natale – Capture Studio, Rome

Booking & Promotion KS Music – Klaus Stracke

Published by TASAL (Take a Seat and Listen)
(p) & (c) Hole in the Donut Music (BMI) 2019
Distribution by Galileo Music Communication GmbH

No One’s Woman | The Alchemy of Being Human | Table For One | Untouchable Man | I Had a Dream | Awakening | A Real Human Being | Silence is Rising | Sanctuary | My Wildest Dreams

No One’s Woman

Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura bass, electric guitar, banjola, the root, frame drum, darabouka, shakers, vocals
Andy Bartolucci drums

I look around my house
At all the things I don’t need or want
Broken parts, old telephones
Single earrings and clothes I’ve never worn

I’m no one’s woman
I flow around the people like water
A river searching for its source
An endless ocean to explore

I’m packing up my hopes and dreams
And getting on the next train
To somewhere that I’ve never been
I’ll take a chance to make a change
I’m curious and I’m not afraid
Of the future that starts today

I’m walking down a roman road
I’m climbing over the Berlin wall
I navigate my great escape
Then I contemplate my mistakes

I got holes in my pockets
Where friends and lovers slip away
My mouth is full of words unspoken
That someday I will say


I’m no one’s woman
I got no debts and no regrets
I’m no one’s woman
What you see is what you get
I’m no one’s woman
Step right up and place your bets
I’m no one’s woman

The Alchemy of Being Human

Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura chrotta, akkord zither, tongue drum, shaker
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar
Marco Siniscalco fretless bass
Andy Bartolucci drums

We are born
Happy laughing
Children smiling
Life is beginning

We come with love
It’s inside us
A shining star
Love will guide us

We’re out here on the road to heaven
Searching for a soul connection
Hoping for a little affection
The alchemy of being human
There’s chemistry between you and me
Algorithms of mixed emotions
Magic spells and love potions
The alchemy of being human

When the darkness rises in my mind
I close my eyes and there’s a light inside

I never thought I’d be here now
I never knew who I was ‘til now
Here I stand half a man, half woman
The alchemy of being human

Close your eyes and there’s a light inside

We are born
Happy laughing
Children smiling
Life is beginning

Table For One

Elisabeth electric guitar, vocals
Fabiano Lelli classical guitar
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar solo
Marco Siniscalco acoustic bass
Andy Bartolucci drums

Table for one
I’ll sit at the bar
I’ll go to a show
And get a seat up front alone

Why would I give up
This perfect prison
Sentenced to solitude
With the illusion of freedom

In the morning I forget
My dreams evaporate
My horoscope has no hope
Promises go up in smoke

It’s easy to say
I’m okay
But some days the nights
Are too silent, too quiet

Butterflies and paper tigers
Fly away lovers
No troubles, no tears
No unknown fears
No kisses to miss
No warm embrace
No sad face
Could this be, would this be
Happiness, happiness, happiness

Come walk with me tonight
The stars are shinin’ bright
If one was to fall
What would you wish for?

There’s heroes and fools
Like me and you
One plus one
Is two hearts falling in love
Too good to pass up


Table for one, I’ll be at the bar

Untouchable Man

Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura fretless bass, chapman stick, fusiontar
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar
Andy Bartolucci drums

I follow you up mountains
Over rivers and oceans
Down to the city
The bars and hotels, the girls and the shows
And when the morning comes
Like a dream you’re gone
Invisible, you are the untouchable man

In your coat of many colors
You’re on the move right past me
Time slows down
Like an accident, a frozen moment
A melody in my head I can’t forget
Inerasable, you are the untouchable man

Sometimes I see you in the back of the room
I catch your eye and you smile
Like you remember my face
Or am I just another turn of a page

I watch you like a movie
Mesmerized by your mystery
You’re a tragedy and a comedy
You keep me guessing
But in the end you leave me wondering
Impossible, you are the untouchable man

Invisible, inerasable, impossible
You are the untouchable man

I Had a Dream

Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura acoustic guitar, glissentar, bowed mandolin, dholak, floor tom, synth bass
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar effects
Andy Bartolucci drums

Oh say, can you see
By the dawn’s early light
The damage that’s been done
In one star-spangled night

Look into my eyes
And you’ll see my memories
Of kisses in the cornfields
And purple mountains’ majesties

Now I’m walking away
From the red rockets’ glare
In the twilight’s last gleaming
Bombs are bursting in the air

I had a dream
A thousand voices coming out of me
Singing a long lost melody
Sounded like an ancient symphony
And I remember feeling free
I remember I had a dream, I had a dream,
I had a dream

History repeats
The same faces, new names
Does anyone see a way out
Of this deadly circle game

I look over my shoulder
An angry darkness is falling
An eagle rises high above
The dove’s wings are broken

Is there a safe place
Where I can lay down
And lose myself in a deep embrace
And fall asleep in your arms



Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura pedal steel guitar
Fabiano Lelli classical guitar
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar
Andy Bartolucci drums

In the silence between our words
A soft breath moves over my breast
Thoughts are birds on the wing
Inside my heart it’s like Spring

I exist like the stars in your eyes
I exist taste the salt on my skin
I am not a picture in a frame
I’m stepping out of your dreams

The heart is not a steady clock
It slows down and speeds up
Life is not a straight line
It twists and turns around it winds
Lonely lovers someday will find
Each other in time, awakening

We are here close enough to touch
Can’t you feel love


A Real Human Being

Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura electric guitar, Chapman stick
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar
Fabiano Lelli acoustic guitar
Andy Bartolucci drums

What’s that sound?
Beepin’ and ringin’ and interruptin’ us
Can you hear me, can you hear me
Can you see me, can you see me?
We’re living in a 3D movie
Who’s that voice?
Are you a man or machine?

I wanna talk to a real human being
Flesh and blood, emotional
Heart and soul, sentimental
Doubts and fears, irrational
Smiles and tears, loveable
Like you and me, you and you and me

I feel like
Someone’s watchin’ me, following me
I turn around but no one’s there
I’ve got two thousand friends
Is anyone out there listening?


Life is like
Flippin’ through the pages of a magazine, touch screen
Obsession, depression, isolation, separation
Instant gratification
We’ve got everything
But something’s missing
I’m missing something

Touch me with your eyes
See me in your mind
Hear me with your heart
Tell me who you, tell me who you are
I wanna talk to a real human being

Silence is Rising

Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura bass, pedal steel guitar
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar
Andy Bartolucci drums
Herzklang tonal imaging

Silence is rising
The forest is sleeping
In the darkness I’m dreaming
I’m searching for a place
To lay down my wounded body
And rest in peace

“Close your eyes”, they said, “Go to sleep”
“Close your eyes”, they said “and breathe deep”
I’m walking in slow motion
In the morning light
Shadows move across my eyes
And I feel so tired
I’m drifting away on a rollin’ wave 
In the full moonlight
I’m runnnin’ behind the last train 
And the red tail lights
Wrap me in the clouds of love
Hold me in the wings of a dove
Let me fall in a deep sleep
And time will heal

Like flowers fade and seasons change
And Winter waits ‘til Spring awakens
All renews and all returns
To life again, life again


Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura the root, chrotta, floor tom, dholla, udu drum

The voice I hear is small
A broken-winged bird call
A lonely love that’s lost and helpless

A woman is like wine
An apple ripe on the vine
A sweeter fruit comes with time

When you found me
I was open and empty
Running like a refugee
You rescued me
I claim sanctuary, sanctuary

Behind every wall
There’s a world beyond the law
Where no one’s right and no one’s at fault
The camera catches life
Time stops in a flash of light
A picture brings me back the past

When I was a horse
Shy and wild, swift and strong
You were the only one to come close
Come close

I claim sanctuary, sanctuary
I claim sanctuary, sanctuary

Half of me is full
And half of me is empty still
I raise a glass in vino veritas

The moon marks a month
In my night you are the sun
Rays of love rise over me

Nothing’s holding me down
I’m in between changes now
Can’t you see why I’m so confused
There’s no rules
I claim sanctuary, sanctuary

My Wildest Dreams

Elisabeth acoustic guitar, vocals
Filippo De Laura fretless bass, banjola, the root, bodhran, tar drum
Leander Reininghaus electric guitar

All the things I thought were true
Have broken down like me and you
Every time I think I’m fine
Something comes along that reminds me
Of my wildest dreams

Maybe I’m living the life I wanted
The road I’ve chosen is long and lonely
There’s a place that I can’t find
But I’ve been there before in my mind
And in my wildest dreams

I’m restless for a change
I got questions, and I’m taking names
Don’t ask me to explain
My wildest dreams

In between the heart and mind
There’s a river deep and wide
And those who have a hungry soul
Are bound to drift away from home
In my wildest dreams

I’m restless for a change
I know nothing stays the same
I’m headed down a new highway
In my wildest dreams

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