Elisabeth’s album declaration.

I have a #newalbum, it’s my seventh (my lucky number!). It’s called, “Silence is Rising”. I really like this phrase, it gives me a sense of movement and strength, and peace. This is the third disk that I have made with producer, collaborator and friend, Filippo De Laura (Rome, Italy) since I moved to Europe from The States in 2003.

I wrote all the songs on guitar over a two year period, 2016-18, as I managed and navigated the changes that life threw at me. The themes of the songs start with a burning, upbeat desire for change and challenge. I reflected on worldly themes of modern life and technology, social changes, women’s identity, and how all converges with my personal life; my travels, dreams, desires, and ideas. I was in a good moment of my life and comfortable on my own.
Then, in the middle of my enthusiasm, I was confronted with a health diagnosis, which made me pause. I continued writing the songs for the album, including the title track, “Silence is Rising”, and the second part of the album took on a new depth of awareness, and also a sense of celebration and gratefulness for the present moment. We recorded the 10 songs during 2018, and in the end, it was a very good year.
I love these songs, and the sounds on this album. All of the elements came together in a perfect way with the right people, at the right time, over the ocean between New York and Rome, Italy, detour Berlin. Deepest thanks to the creative talent and vision of producer Filippo De Laura (Telepe Studio), who played his heart out on this album on wonderful and strange strings instruments and percussions, along with a little help from our friends in Rome (Delta-Top Studio), with Marco Siniscalco on bass, Andy Bartolucci on drums, and Fabiano Lelli on classical guitar, then add to the mix, special guest from Berlin, electric guitarist Leander Reininghaus, with final vocal mixes by Ari Takahashi in Rome (Studio118).

Now “Silence is Rising” is released to fly into this crazy world. Special thanks to Adriano Natale (Capture Studio Roma), Christian Pliefke (TASAL), and Klaus Stracke, and Galileo Music for lending a helping hand.

There is a silent space in the eye of the hurricane, the peace inside the chaos. If you listen, you will hear, silence is rising.

… And here is a short preview of my new musical journey, the teaser of the “No One’s Woman” videoclip to be released on April 16th, written, shot & edited by Ari Takahashi.

Elisabeth Cutler




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