This is the release announcement of my new song-video, “The Distance Between Us”, shot and edited by Ari Takahashi (Rome).
I wrote this song in Spring 2020, when I was in the first Covid-19 global lockdown in Berlin, Germany. The process of writing this song sustained me through my four-month stay in Berlin. The social atmosphere created by the lockdown brought to my attention the general theme of “distance” in our lives, whether far, near, virtual or personal. Video-maker Ari Takahashi, has written and directed this video with his “take” on my theme of #distance. I think it is the most interesting and emotional video that I have made with Ari since we began our work together in 2015 (10 videos total). The awesome audio track (!) is arranged and produced, mixed and mastered, by

Filippo De Laura (Rome, IT/NYC), my music producer since 2008. Now we release it to the world, and look forward to receiving your feedback too!


Thanks for watching! Enjoy! ❤


Thanks to
Nicolò Belluzzo
Sara Spaccazocchi
Elin Signorile Doddi
Max Costa
Alessandro Rosa
Vanessa Doddi De Felice
Leonardo Brocato (Loud Photo Studio, Rome IT)
Special thanks to Massimo Lopez and Leonardo Svidercoschi



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