2020 has evaporated and dissolved like a lost dream; this is the end, my friends, of the long strange year 2020, finally finished in peace and stillness, quietude, silence. I lost two concert tours (25+ shows) in Germany due to Covid19 virus cancellations, so I spent four months of Spring 2020 in Berlin in lockdown. I am thankful to have been able to return to my home outside Rome (Italy) for a lovely Fall & Winter 2020/2021, albeit in lockdown, italian style.
My 100 year old mother is hanging in there in her residence in Boston! I play a Zoom concert for her every week and she listens and watches for an hour! Music therapy is the best! I am thankful when technology works, as our “social” life has been reduced to fuzz and static through distant connections.

This NeW yEaR 2021 brings hope and change in the world, which has already started in “my crazy country” (US). A sigh of momentary relief. Now I know what I must do; I will bring new songs, new recordings, new videos and a new perspective into our new “reality”. I’m ready to play some shows in the open air this Summer with Leander Reininghaus (Berlin)! Until then, I wish you very good health, peace and tranquility, and a spark of happiness, until we see each other, follow your breath! A special dear thought for all my musical colleagues who have been silent off-stage, see you at the bridge 😉 Music is the best medicine!
Cheers and ciao

Pic by Roberto Vignoli


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