Silence is Rising

Elisabeth Cutler’s NEW ALBUM
release 21 June

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  • Fri

    Nemi (RM) Italy

    9:30 pmBar Delle Fragole

    Corso V. Emanuele, 7

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  1. No One’s Woman Elisabeth Cutler
  2. Alchemy of Being Human Elisabeth Cutler
  3. Table For One Elisabeth Cutler
  4. Untouchable Man Elisabeth Cutler
  5. I Had a Dream Elisabeth Cutler
  6. Awakening Elisabeth Cutler
  7. A Real Human Being Elisabeth Cutler
  8. Silence is Rising Elisabeth Cutler
  9. Sanctuary Elisabeth Cutler
  10. My Wildest Dreams Elisabeth Cutler

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“Silence is Rising”

Elisabeth's album declaration. I have a #newalbum, it’s my seventh (my lucky number!). It’s called, “Silence is Rising”. I really like this phrase, it gives me a sense of movement and strength, and peace. This is the third disk that I have made with producer,...

Dominic Miller “Absinthe” | #MyArtistOfTheMonth

Since 2014, I have been a die-hard fan of guitarist-composer Dominic Miller. Recently I saw him perform with his band in Rome, Italy and I purchased his new (tenth) album, “Absinthe”. Now I am compelled to write a few words about it 😉 "Absinthe", produced by ECM’s...

Master completed! “Silence is Rising” is ready.

Master completed! “Silence is Rising” is ready.

My new album, “Silence is Rising”, produced by Filippo De Laura, is officially mixed and MASTERED and finished! The important final touches were performed by the magic Maestro mastering engineer, Federico Pelle, in #Vicenza, Italy, at his very impressive...

Good ol’ year 2018 > great new year 2019

Hello friends, here we are at the end of 2018 and I can say it has been a good year! I have passed the year quietly re-charging my energies; reflecting, writing, and recording new songs for my seventh disk, “Silence is Rising” (2019). I also enjoyed making a few...

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